Our investments

RIDL’s long term goal is to build a risk-balanced portfolio of high quality direct investments with a focus on areas of competitive advantage or access, especially in the rohe and neighboring areas.

RIDL will be patient while achieving this and in the meantime will manage the putea prudently and efficiently.

RIDL’s long term strategy is to build a portfolio of high quality direct investments. We will do this by pursuing opportunities that take advantage of RIDL’s natural competitive advantages. These advantages arise from RIDL’s position as an iwi investment company, our local and tribal relationships our scale and our investment horizon and our deep experience in certain core local industries.

We believe good opportunities might arise in areas including commercial property and social infrastructure, dairy and agriculture, forestry, seafood and select areas of private equity style investment where RIDL can take advantage of good relationships and partner with expertise, particularly with other aligned iwi.

So far RIDL has made direct investments in forestry, commercial and Crown property and dairy, to add to its legacy investment in the Kaingaroa forest underlying land.